«CIBA-10» Complex of Individual Body Armor


Отображение единственного товара

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    «CIBA-10» Complex of Individual Body Armor


    The COMPLEX OF INDIVIDUAL BODY ARMOR (hereinafter referred to as «CIBA–10») is a comprehensive security solution not only for a specific individual but also for a group of people.

    A person equipped in «CIBA-10» is protected from external influences (smoke, gas, firearms, piercing and cutting weapons) and can perform the duties assigned to him without paying attention to these hazards. Person equipped in «CIBA-10» can protect a group of people or a specific individual, carrying out their evacuation both from enclosed spaces, objects of confined space and from open areas.

    With a short-barreled firearm and ammunition placed on the «CIBA-10» the user is ready for active protection and for repelling an armed attack.

    «CIBA-10» is compact and does not attract too much attention, it is made in the form of an ordinary backpack, which contains a full-fledged armor protecting the back and chest with a BR4 protection class (certificate of conformity ROSS RU C-R.HB34.B/00067/21), a full-size gas mask, as well as any additional ammunition.

    «CIBA-10» can be brought in the «combat» position in seconds.

    Reusable quick release system allows the wearer to get rid of both the front panel and the backpack itself in seconds.

    «CIBA-10» is ideal for concealed wearing in public places, especially in conditions with a hot climate, when it is not possible to wear outerwear.

    It is made of modern materials, the main advantages of which are: wear resistance, moisture protection, lightness.

    The carrier can place any type of short-barreled firearms, ammunition, special equipment, other ammunition for specific tasks of the carrier on the front armor panel by himself.

    A sufficient amount of free space allows you to carry personal respiratory and vision protective equipment from the exposure of toxic and irritating substances from the air (with the possibility of instant extraction) and other ammunition.

    The design is simple and does not require special long-term training for its use.

    «CIBA-10» is certified and patented.

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